Marty Alchin Labs

FIFA World Cup

I'm a big soccer fan, and the World Cup is literally as big as it gets. In order to keep track of all the happenings, I'm working on a few visualizations to show what's going on. The data comes from ESPN's gamecasts, but it's currently not updating live. Data will be somewhat delayed until a more permanent solution is put in place.

Flight Search Results

While researching flights for a trip out west recently, I found it extremely difficult to make sense of the search results that were available at the various travel sites. So I took the Kayak API and built a flight search that visualizes flight times and prices both more concisely and more informatively than the traditional mass of numbers associated with flight searches.

NASCAR Leaderboard

Internet coverage of sports has come a long way. We now have online displays that show where basketballs are shot from, the length of each pop fly in a baseball game and every push in a football game. Unfortunately, NASCAR has predictably fallen far short of the modern standard, displaying just a solid block of data and focusing all of the graphic effort on logos and advertising. This leaderboard strips away the nonsense and highlights the important features that actually help you follow a race.

Golf Leaderboard

As a first test of extending Wilson Miner's visualization techniques into new territory, I wanted to try my hand at bar charts that go above and below the zero line. Naturally, golf is the perfect test vehicle, with scores already being determined as relative to par. Beginning with the 2009 Buick Open, this is an attempt to highlight individual player performance as well as overall trends.